21 May

Grade 3 actors shine in "The Adoption" play, raising funds for a cat shelter project!

Our talented Grade 3 students recently brought the house down with their heartwarming performance of "The Adoption," culminating their interdisciplinary project. 

This wasn't just a play; it was a showcase of their creativity, teamwork, and a passion for helping animals.


Under the guidance of their dedicated homeroom teacher, Ms. Renata, the 7th floor transformed into a stage on May 17th. Parents and staff were treated to a delightful performance by the student actors, whose dedication and stage presence shone through. We're sure there were plenty of smiles and laughter to go around!


But the project went beyond the curtain call. The play served a bigger purpose: raising funds for a real cat shelter for strays! Through ticket sales, the students were able to gather resources to build a haven for these furry friends.


This project offered a unique opportunity for the Grade 3 students. They honed their acting skills while learning valuable lessons about teamwork, empathy, and the importance of helping animals in need. The play also provided a chance to develop communication skills as they sold tickets and interacted with the audience. We can't forget the contribution of Art Teacher, Ms. Helen, whose artistic talents likely played a role in creating the sets and costumes that brought the play to life.


A big round of applause to our amazing Grade 3 students for their fantastic performance and commitment to this meaningful project. It's a wonderful example of how creativity and teamwork can make a real difference in the lives of animals in need. We also extend our gratitude to Ms. Renata and Ms. Helen for their dedication to making this project a success!

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