1 марта

Роборейнджеры канадской школы стремительно прошли путь от региональных отборочных турниров до чемпионата Центральной Азии, где завоевали награду за прорыв и путевку на турнир FLL Open в США!

Roborangers Roll into Regional and Central Asian Championships! 



The Canadian School of Tashkent's robotics team, the Roborangers, are making waves on the international stage! They recently competed in the Almaty regional competition, where their skills and dedication placed them among the top 6 teams. This impressive performance qualified them for the Central Asian Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan.


But the Roborangers' journey didn't stop there! At the Central Asian Championship, they truly shone, taking home the prestigious Breakthrough Award. This award recognizes a team that demonstrates exceptional growth in confidence, capability, and core values. It signifies that the Roborangers prioritize learning and discovery over simply winning.


Their outstanding performance didn't go unnoticed. As one of the top teams, the Roborangers received an exciting invitation to participate in the FLL Open Competition in the USA!

Congratulations to the Roborangers for their dedication, teamwork, and passion for STEM! 

We can't wait to see what incredible feats they accomplish next! 


19 июня
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28 мая
Научная ярмарка CST продемонстрировала связь студенческого творчества и экологических инноваций.