We are very proud to have one of the most beautiful and centrally located campuses in Tashkent. Our students enjoy a diverse range of learning and play spaces with classmates across our grounds, classrooms, and labs.

Science Laboratory

Science lab experiments and science laboratory equipment assist in promoting scientific learning among students, and in cultivating a profound interest in scientific exploration. The science laboratory is fully equipped and ready to inspire a new generation of young scientists.

Students gain hands-on experience, make scientific arguments, conduct experiments, and develop logical reasoning as they learn and perform science experiments.

Robotics & Innovation Lab

Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the making, programming, and designing of robots. We provide robotics classes to our students, sparking creativity and a passion for design and technology.

Through robotics clubs, national and international competitions as well as stimulating workshops, we aim to inspire our students to become science and technology leaders and innovators.

School Library

The library is a place where the love of lifelong learning is sparked among our students. The library provides access to modern computers, groupwork spaces, multi-language collections, storytelling, information literacy, and a wide range of co/extra-curricular activities.

In addition to a large collection of print resources, our students have access to thousands of digital content, including magazines, newspapers, books, music, and audiobooks. Students can enjoy these digital resources anytime, anywhere, from their computer or device.

Music Room

Music education helps students develop their self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, memory, and study habits, ultimately building essential life skills and preparing children and youths for bright futures.

The music room serves as an inspirational learning environment where students work with our professional Music Teacher to learn and explore musical instruments, write and compose music, and engage in a variety of artistic and musical performances.


With an aim to inspire the next generation of thinkers and innovators, we have created the MakerSpace to unleash students’ creativity. The MakerSpace is equipped with everything from Lego, popsicle sticks and glue guns to electronic and digital kits, serving as both a dream lab and innovation space.

By encouraging our students to learn by creating, we inspire them to take ownership of their learning. As a result, our students become highly engaged and invested in their education.

Campus Security

The Safety and Security Unit is dedicated to ensuring all students, staff and visitors have a safe and pleasant experience at our campus.

In addition to employing 24x7 surveillance technology across our campus facilities, our professional security team provides a wide range of services including mobile patrol, parking enforcement, and operational support services throughout the school year.

First Aid Clinic

We have certified medical staff to attend to our students’ health, safety, and medical needs. It is our fundamental priority to provide first aid for minor injuries and illnesses that inevitably arise during the school day.


We recognize that nutritionally balanced food options for children can encourage them to engage in healthy eating habits and choices.

We produce the dishes fresh on site, made from principal ingredients, and created by certified chefs and well-trained service teams.

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Spaces

With physical education an integral part of the student life, we have designed interactive and spacious outdoor and indoor spaces for all age groups.

Students participate in physical activities in group settings according to their age groups and classes, including multi-purpose outdoor football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts.

Sleeping Accommodations

We are proud to offer safe and appropriate sleeping accommodation areas for students enrolled in early education.

These high-standard sleeping rooms are supervised by dedicated staff and are equipped with comfortable sleeping collections such as premium beds, pillows, and blankets.

Sports Gym

Students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports activities and competitions in our well-equipped school gym.

Sports instructors organize events, competitions and practice sessions to promote student health, fitness and well-being as a fundamental focus of our academic and co-curricular programs.

ARTs room

Our arts room is a creative space for aspiring artists who have a passion for drawing, painting and other artistic expressions.

Students will take regular arts classes and participate in competitions, exhibitions, and arts shows to demonstrate their work and passion for arts.

Multimedia Room

The multimedia room is designed to help our students learn and interact with a diverse range of education technologies. For instance, students can work together in groups to develop multimedia presentations and learn about video, sound, graphics, still photography, animation and other contemporary digital skills.

As an innovative and unique resource at our school, the multimedia room will help our students develop their digital skills in an interactive, fun, and engaging manner.

Virtual Reality Room

We have designed the VR Room to keep our students motivated, challenged and engaged. Through the VR experience, our students can take virtual field trips and experience culture, history, geography, directly from the comfort of the classroom. Using VR, teachers send students on immersive and reflective experiences, encouraging students to use more than one sense while learning. Further, students use VR to learn theoretical subjects using 3D models rather than viewing a simple textbook image. Students can experience the planets, view human cells, and visualize scientific elements to boost their learning experience.

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