Curriculum We implement an integrated mix of Canadian and international curriculum. Our approach to teaching and learning is innovative and unique as we blend digital education and project based learning into our world-class curriculum. Students work individually and collaboratively with their peers to understand and solve real-world challenges, participate in competitions, and undertake highly effective and relevant educational projects as they pursue their studies.

We offer our students the ability to choose what they learn, including a suite of courses that allows them to pursue their desired learning path through a combination of core and enrichment courses. These courses and activities include robotics, Makerspace, multimedia, arts, STEM, coding, programming, and more!

Our core curriculum and content are mainly offered through the digital platforms such as 1:1 devices, contributing towards inspiring a passion for learning among our students. The integration of McGraw Hill content in Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, and English into our international curriculum is unleashing creativity, curiosity, and a desire for infinite learning among our students.

While students are accepted based on the English language assessment results, they do not need to be proficient in English language as we have teachers with recognized international qualifications in teaching the Canadian and local curriculum. Any child who faces challenges in learning the English language context, will become part of our plan to quickly improve their skills.

We strive to ensure that every student who receives an education at our school is happy and fulfilled and extremely well prepared for university life and rewarding careers in an ever-changing world.

By attracting the best teachers and education experts, introducing digital education and providing endless possibilities to ensure student success, we are laying the groundwork for a world-class educational environment.
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